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Brand Winston Cigarettes

Winston Cigarettes

Winston Cigarettes - irreplaceable in time

Winston cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes manufactured by JTI. It is the best-selling cigarettes brand in Russia according to the results in 2011.

The brand was named after the city of Winston-Salem situated in North Carolina that is the historic center of tobacco leaf processing

For a long time the town Winston, who, in fact, gave the name to this tobacco brand did not differentiate from any other town. It was situated in the North Carolina, that was not far from Salem (however, it was not the one, where there were 19 witches burned in the XVII century, this one was in the Massachusetts).

A big step in the history of the world, it made only when in 1875 Richard Joshua Reynolds, the father-founder of RJR, opened the first tobacco factory here. Initially, and elsewhere, the basis of the range was in a chewing tobacco, so admired by Americans and so not clear to the rest of the world. However, very soon the list of the products was expanded with pipe tobacco and cigarettes.

Reynolds Tobacco Empire began its victorious march across the United States. One of the major breakthroughs on that front was a creation of cigarette brand named Camel. PR managers and marketers of R.J.R Tobacco Company have always been characterized by an aggressive manner and cynical creativity. Battling with its main competitor company Philip Morris, they were able to create a good basis for promoting a radically new brand of cigarettes- and namely Winston cigarettes, which is irreplaceable in time.

America was fed up with strong tobacco and almost the same taste, hiding under various names. There was needed a qualitative leap in order to perform a successful promotion. Winston cigarettes occupied the empty niche.

Winston becomes a recognized "expert taste" at the end of the XX century. Delicious blend of tobaccos out of Burley sorts, dark and light oriental Virgin sorts and modern filtration technology transformed Winston cigarettes into a quality standard for fans worldwide.

In 1992, the company starts to import Winston Filters cigarettes to Russia. In 1998, imports increased, and the company is expanding the range and started supplying Winston Lights into the Russian market.

Winston cigarettes are the ones that cannot be forgotten by any smoker. They open new horizons and possibilities. If you have already selected this brand, stay loyal to it! No other brand will be able to deliver you the same sensations and pleasant moments of smoking!