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Brand Camel Cigarettes

Camel Cigarettes

Camel Cigarettes – an icon brand checked By the time

Cigarette trademarks have various derivatives. Manufacturers used different subjects to create attractive and client-friendly brands, which are icon trends now.

Some of these icons are now familiar to the entire world. First of them, the famous 'Camel' brand can be told.

This brand appeared in 1913 and from the very moment acquitted the motto, under which the manufacturer promoted it, namely: "I would walk a mile for a Camel". It referred to the time of no speedy vehicles when smoking fans really had long trips in order to buy their beloved cigarette brands. Then there was no need to make essential efforts to promote that brand as even the smokers from especially remote places brought them home and let neighbors feel a new tobacco taste. People of various cultures were deeply affected and became true consumers and friends of the manufacturing company.

The next-coming 100 years of activity prove that smoking of these cigarettes has become a continuous family tradition.

Camel is a universal brand, which is beloved by both male and female tobacco consumers.

The 'Camel' producer pays great attention to the “Camel” box image. These cigarettes are distributed in traditional packs with a camel depiction on their surfaces. Here, it comes to the history how this brand symbol appeared.

As these cigarettes are made from Turkish tobacco as well, there is a reference to eastern traditions. In those countries, a camel is a symbol of richness and success. The background was that eastern merchants earlier transported their goods by means of camels and created their commonwealth by this way.

But the brand was initially marketed in the USA towards people of another culture.

The promoters found a solution by creating a mascot “Joe Camel”, a camel figure dressed in a coat and smoking a 'Camel' cigarette.

This figure was both satiric and attractive, but client-friendly. We can judge the impact of this advertisement figure on the clients, remembering the fact that this figure was re-launched in advertisements of 1980s.

The diversity of Camel brand cigarettes includes: Camel Filters, Camel Blue and Camel Silver, Camel Full Flavor, Camel Lights, Camel Ultra Lights. Each of this variety has a proper taste for a certain smokers’ category. The manufacturer R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company does its best to satisfy the needs of different consumer groups and sub-brands its products towards their preferences. Do you want to check the result? Then order these cigarettes via Internet, let them be delivered to your door and you will have a personal opinion that will not be changed, no matter how many years will pass after your very first try! Start now and you will soon see that we have just told the truth!