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Brand Rothmans Cigarettes

Rothmans Cigarettes

Rothmans Cigarettes — A Tradition of Quality

Great Britain is famous with its tobacco consumption traditions and is a motherland of multiple high-value tobacco products. A great number of prominent cigarette brands appeared in the British Isles and were launched into international markets from there.

It would be too long to recall the appearance and success of each brand.

Let us merely take the Rothmans cigarettes as an example.

Rothman cigarettes are a classic-style cigarette brand appeared in London in 1890. It was named after Louis Rothman, the founder of the manufacturing company Rothmans International, issuing these exceptional cigarettes. This company's policy consisted in marketing the concepts and ideas, which were not available by competitives. A smart decision, isn't it?

Of course, some time is needed to develop such concepts. Louis Rothman started this brand with hand-rolled cigarettes in order to check each peculiarity of their manufacturing and prepare for the mass production. The results were amazing and even attracted attention of His Majesty the King Edward VII in 1905 who then authorized the Rothmans company with a royal warrant!

The popularity of these British cigarettes was so great that it could even draw attention of tobacco production giants. For this reason, the manufacturing company was acquired by the Philip Morris International and this brand was included into the product range of the British American Tobacco company.

But this acquisition had no negative effects on distribution of Rothmans cigarettes; it just became an additional plus for their markets expansion! Superior quality does not suffer just for the reason that a trademark owner is changed!

We can judge about the quality of these cigarettes, remembering the case with the appearance of Paektusan cigarettes. North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-il, having an aim to produce the nation-based cigarettes, namely selected the Rothmans brand as a pattern for these cigarettes. The North Korean experts had a task to thoroughly imitate the taste and flavor of the Rothmans for the North Korean Paektusan cigarettes.

Why is this quality so attractive? A long-established quality tradition is based on long-term attempts to improve the things. We mentioned that the initial manufacturer made them manually in order to hand-check each detail of them. The production standards were preset and continuously improved.

Are you impressed? Then place us an order online and give an opportunity to serve you with these traditional top-quality cigarettes!