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Brand Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Lucky Strike Cigarettes - call luck and believe in it

Lucky Strike cigarettes are one of the first introduced trade marks all over the world, which was established in 1871. R.J. Reynolds, the producer of Lucky Strike cigarettes, is the second tobacco giant known. The a range of achievements of this producer comprises the remarkable Camel, fresh and cool Kool, demanded Pall Mall, American preference as Winston, regal Viceroy, traditional More and many other exclusive brands which only trigger best memories and pleasant sensations .

Nowadays, Lucky Strike cigarettes are owned by the British American Tobacco (BAT in other words), the world’s second largest tobacco player, with brands marketed in more than 180 international markets.

If you are a first-time smoker then you can be regarded as a lucky person, as you come across the cheapest but yet greatest cigarettes of the first-class quality.

Lucky Strike cigarettes indicate the content of fine tobacco. The famous brand is often associated with Luckies. This phenomenon is not often observed by everyone. That is why, if you prefer Lucky Strike cigarettes, you call luck and believe in it. Irrespective of your preference regarding the Lucky Strike cigarettes product range - whatever variety you choose, you will be happy to be absorbed into a great and saturated taste during a special smoking process.

There is another aspect, making it so special in comparison to other brands and it is namely contained in the recipe of producing. Unlike the other methods of these cigarettes manufacturing – this sort of tobacco is undergoes toasting. The other brands can claim to offer a sun-dried tobacco. Consequently, its taste cannot be compared with any other and the flavor is aromatic and pure.

We are often offered many cigarettes brands because cigarettes lovers are always looking for a good tobacco and new cigarettes. Lucky strike cigarettes are new and fresh. The perfectly combined balance of an excellent taste, quality and low price is the right way to find out new sides of this brand.

Despite the years passed the taste of Lucky Strike remained the same. Lucky Strike goes on to develop marketing and distribution options in many countries as a globally demanded brand. And this will never be changed.

Whether you conclude that smoking Lucky Strike cigarettes it means to be the part of Social smoking, or try to categorize yourself only as a Party smoker, you will definitely admire the every essence of Lucky Strike cigarettes. This is your decision when you faced two or more possibilities to smoke but you still remained loyal to this brand!