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Brand Salem Cigarettes

Salem Cigarettes

Salem Cigarettes — the best menthol cigarettes in the world

Menthol cigarettes are a preference of all smokers who cannot reject cigarettes for a long time, but wish their breath to be fresh. And when they select a brand for this, they cannot oversee the excellent Salem cigarettes, which are manufactured by the Reynolds Tobacco Company.

Being produced since 1956, this brand has no equals in the tobacco market. The secret is simple. The manufacturer never stopped improving the quality of these cigarettes!

There's nothing surprising in the fact that the Salem sale ranks continuously break yearly records.

Even the trademark name is not occasional. The brand was named after the Winston-Salem city in the USA where tobacco leaves processing technologies were developed since a very long time. The manufacturer wanted to outline the keeping of traditional production quality standards with it.

Every inhalation of a Salem cigarette gives a delight of tasting a refreshing menthol taste, relaxation and good mood. What is more necessary for those who love good smoking?

Prior to 2005, the Salem cigarettes diversity included just two varieties: soft cigarettes Green Label and strong cigarettes Black Label. Nowadays, users can enjoy new developed variants appeared in the meantime.

Are you interested? Do you want to know more about these excellent cigarettes?

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Of course, you can say that you can also buy Salem cigarettes in a usual shop nearby. It is right but you should take some important things into consideration:

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