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Brand 555 Cigarettes

555 Cigarettes

555 Cigarettes – the cigarettes of Kings

The State Express 555 brand (or merely called as 555) was firstly launched in the UK until the brand was sold to the British American Tobacco what happened in 1925.

The State Express 555 cigarettes were initially produced by Imperial Tobacco Company in Canada. Firstly, they marketed an original brand. In the 1960s, the company started promoting the filtered king-size varieties as well.

Nowadays, these cigarettes are distributed worldwide, they are extremely popular in Belgium, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mauritius, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Uganda, the United Kingdom, the USA.

The State Express 555 cigarettes are a wonderful solution for the smokers who wish to enjoy strong, but mild and flavory tobacco stuff. Each smoker, even the most pretentious one, can be satisfied with the smoke of these cigarettes.

The reputation of these cigarettes could even not suffer after the misunderstanding occurred when the MNCs. Surya Nepal (P) Ltd., the Nepal filial of BAT) complained actions of the custom office, permitting to import these cigarettes to anyone, bearing the customs costs, and unauthorized distributors got an opportunity to sell those cigarettes in Nepal.

The State Express 555 cigarettes are ranged with reference to customer preferences and likes. Smokers, who admire mild cigarettes, can be completely satisfied with such varieties as 'Mild', 'Ultra Lights'. Consumers, who like the tastes of mint and fresh breathing, can easily achieve this effect with the smoking of 'Classic', 'Magnum', 'Menthol' cigarette varieties. Tobacco lovers, who cannot take away for a long time, are advised to select the 'Blue' version.

Let us discover the reason why this brand numbers such a great number of admirers. There are actually three reasons for it: as already mentioned, these cigarettes are segmented to each smoker's personal preferences and likes; these cigarette are produced only from the best tobacco sorts and ingredients; reasonable price/quality ratio.

These cigarettes are not the cheapest brand, but their price is 100% conforming to their quality! No smoker can affirm that these cigarettes were bought without enjoying their taste and smell and each one is true to them afterwards! The satisfaction that they get from smoking them is compared to the same as, maybe, the Indian gods got from drinking Amrita (drink of gods in the Indian religion) and the result is great! They are loyal to these cigarettes forever!