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Brand Richmond Cigarettes

Richmond Cigarettes

Richmond Cigarettes — A Delight Secured By The Best Tobaccos

Richmond cigarettes are a common name of an entire variety of superior tobacco products, which are currently produced by the Imperial Tobacco company. Basic varieties include the Regular, Gold, Menthol versions, which are issued as King Size and Superking (100 mm long) ones.

The range of Richmond cigarettes was expanded since August 2011, when the manufacturer presented the 'Richmond Superslims' version, which is classified as the 'demi-slim' cigarette category.

Richmond cigarettes are premium ones manufactured from the top-value tobacco sorts, which is cultivated in various places of the world. Travelling in South America, Africa, Asia, Southern Europe, you can always find tobacco plantations, growing the premium tobacco sorts for processing to produce the Richmond cigarettes.

These sorts were developed as a result of multi-year work of the manufacturing companies specialists engaged to create the flavory tobacco for extraordinary cigarettes. These tobacco sorts do not contain any chemical substances and harmful ingredients!

You should already understand that these cigarettes produce the best aroma you could ever sense in your life!

The most valuable feature of these cigarettes is that they are produced by using the newest technologies, maximally extracting harmful substances from the cigarettes stuff, protecting in this manner the smoker's health.

The manufacturer company does its best to satisfy both the taste and looks of its customers. It takes care of and continuously improves the Richmond packaging design.

Richmond cigarettes were primarily marketed, being packaged in blue-colored boxes. Since 2008, the innovative "Chill Edition" packaging style appeared. It was newly improved in 2011 in order to make a delight to the customer's eyes.

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