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Brand Esse Cigarettes

Esse Cigarettes

Esse Cigarettes - rather a set of pleasure

There are many people who smoke everywhere irrespective of their location. They try numerous brands but finally become loyal to one single brand of cigarettes. This brand becomes the substitute of other cigarettes. Esse cigarettes are such very case.

Smokers get to “know” Esse cigarettes for most obvious factors, but focused mainly on one principle - they finished their old brand of cigarettes. It is time to use other benefits occurred to be tried. Esse cigarettes show up to have minimal dangerous substances that may cause various complications.

Esse cigarettes are a purely balanced product of the prominent tobacco Korean company, Korea Tobacco & Ginsen (KT&G). Year by year this very company launches and markets estimated more than 100 billions cigarettes. Being the top-selling brand of KT&G, Esse cigarettes make up the substantial share of this number.

Esse cigarettes are characterized by top quality and are a part of slim and super slim classifications. Studying the quality of Esse cigarettes, one can come quickly to an evident conclusion that they tend to have a great advantage over other ordinary brands. The price of Esse cigarettes is also not an exception; it is very affordable and low. Thus, there are guaranteed two aspects: excellent quality and the most modern tobacco production method the product is made in.

The competing cigarettes brands just have no chance to demonstrate their superiority as they lack some decisive nuances while producing the cigarettes.

As we have already pointed out, Esse cigarettes are produced in South Korea by Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corp. The company decided to introduce key version of cigarettes – the long ones (100 mm) packed in hard pack, 20 cigarettes a package.

Every reliable shop whether it is a local one or in Internet will be always proud to present such types of Esse cigarettes as Esse Super Slim (containing low tar content), Esse Menthol, Esse Lights. Esse lights are the best alternative of lighter smoking experience achieved with the help of stylish tip! When you inhale Esse Menthol you dive into an incomparable joy of freshness! Some of these styles are the part of life of female smokers.

The true pleasure of Esse cigarettes has so much to give us that we can foretell that these cigarettes are created here to be forever. It is not a simple habit of smoking, but rather a set of pleasure. That is why people smoke Esse cigarettes.