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Brand Kent Cigarettes

Kent Cigarettes

Kent Cigarettes - A Plenty Of Innovative Varieties

Some of tobacco companies have reputed names, which are even well-known to non-smokers.

The British American Tobacco (or shortly BAT) is one of these highly-promoted market giants and won this popularity first of all because of its product quality. Its product range includes such famous brands as Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Vogue, Viceroy, Dunhill, etc. Kent is one of its best solutions.

There's no need to tell much about the excellent and fine flavor of these cigarettes, their aroma of perfect tobacco enriched with flavory ingredients. These things are pretty well-known.

We'd better talk about the Kent variety range as its manufacturer promotes this brand by continuously launching new improved product versions.

Let us talk about some of them:

Kent HD. This is one of the most significant innovations appeared in 2014. The newness consists in the innovated package and filter designs. Standard charcoal filters of Kent were replaced with the Taste+ innovative filters. These filters are differed from previous versions with ability to self-store its shape during the smoking. After being filtered, the cigarette smoke becomes softer, but much more satisfying.

Kent Nanotek. This is a new nano-brand introduced in 2007. Its taste is as satisfying as that of traditional Kent cigarettes although it is actually another market segment. This cigarette variant also possesses a Taste+ filter. This sub-brand was newly packaged. Its box has a special cut placed on its cover and can be easily opened with one hand movement.

Kent Convertibles. This innovative sub-brand will a perfect gift for smokers. They can easily choose a taste option, which they want. A mild taste can be replaced with a freshening one. A smoker just needs to press a filter with a slight motion and can then enjoy.

Kent HDI. Trendy cigarettes equipped with unique Taste+ filters. These cigarettes are classified as a premium variety.

Kent HDs. Super slim fashionable cigarette version. These cigarettes are designed with a thin thread in the filter, keeping the fine cigarette taste during an entire smoke.

Now you see that these cigarettes are marketed in a wide range. You can find any option to your personal taste. The matter is that you have to firstly order them.

We advise you to place your order online. It is rapid, simple and comfortable as you can order without leaving your home. Moreover, you can get good discounts and benefits while ordering by this way!

Do not let you miss this chance!