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Brand Dunhill Cigarettes

Dunhill Cigarettes

Dunhill Cigarettes - a balanced combination of actual needs and lifelong tradition.

Dunhill Cigarettes are the result of hard work of the leading manufacturing company. That is why, the very phenomenon of Dunhill cigarettes were successfully presented by the British American Tobacco company. This company is famous for launching luxury branded cigarettes. Such brands as Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Kent and many others do need any presentation; their names tell everything quite clearly. BAT demonstrates its skill to produce products endlessly and perfectly and day by day creates a pure perfection.

Dunhill cigarettes are rightly considered to be extremely fashionable brand of cigarettes globally and are as a fact chosen by smoking aficionados who stick to the cigarettes belonging to segment of premium quality. We can say that Dunhill cigarettes are slightly more expensive than the ordinary cigarettes brand. But this price situation does not prevent the lovers of this brand from purchasing namely this brand.

When we talk about these cigarettes, we can point out the components of the unique recipe making up the formula of this brand. These components contain the finest sort of tobacco in such a way leading to an unbelievable and emotional smoking procedure. This unique mixture of organic tobacco which has no harmful substances or aromatizing agents, these cigarettes automatically provide anyone with a deep and ideally saturated taste.

The ordinary cigarettes brands cannot create such smoking sensations due to their simple recipe and manufacturing scheme.

The demand of Dunhill cigarettes made it possible to export them to many countries but as a matter of fact, they are available in duty-free and in smoke shops as well as via internet resources as well.

Dunhill cigarettes make a cleat difference between regular Dunhill (Lights) version of cigarettes and Dunhill International version of cigarettes (Luxury brand). The regular Dunhill light cigarettes are characterized by white packages with a red quadrate in the center. It is also wide-spread as Dunhill blue. (The concentration is what is typical for this brand)

Dunhill International cigarettes in their turn are marketed in a red package. They are of course more expensive and trendy. They are produced containing Virginia tobacco sort and are found in prestigious tobacco shops.

Dunhill cigarettes are praised enthusiastically and publicly thanks to existing standard of manufacturing. The British American Tobacco Company is in a constant search and investigates every possibility to invent even better top-quality product.

Dunhill Fine Cut cigarettes is a vivid example of excellence as they are produced by means of a new tobacco cutting method, when each inch of a tobacco leaf undergoes cutting during 46 times.

Consequently, there is received mild and delicate taste. This makes Dunhill cigarettes unchangeably perfect.

Every Dunhill cigarette is a balanced combination of actual needs and lifelong tradition.