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Brand Benson & Hedges Cigarettes

Benson & Hedges Cigarettes

Benson & Hedges Cigarettes – the cigarettes, marketed by two industry giants

Benson & Hedges cigarettes appeared in the market since their first production in 1873 when the company Benson and Hedges Ltd. was founded.

The company name derived from the names of its both founders Richard Benson and William Hedges. The company brand cigarettes were then produced in the United Kingdom only, but their popularity rapidly spread outside the UK.

After the end of the 19th century, the company chieves had already decided to promote their business in the USA and Canada. In 1928, the American filial was purchased by became independent, and was bought by Phillip Morris in 1958 who also purchased the Canadian branch in 1960.

The British filial of the Benson & Hedges Ltd. was purchased by Gallagher Limited, a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco in 1955.

Nowadays, Benson & Hedges are regionally marketed by both these two companies.

Benson & Hedges cigarettes are good for those who prefer strong and full-aroma cigarettes.

They are firstly manufactured from Virginia Tobacco sorts, which flavor is well-known to all experienced smokers since the 19th century. A very important question for experienced smokers is the brand variety. Here, we have to firstly mention the Benson and Hedges Gold. These cigarettes amaze smokers after the first look with their gold-colored packs. The client-friendly outlook and slight touch of the gliding pack surface with 20 cigarettes inside, is is not enough for the first appearance to any qualitative cigarettes? And it is still not all; these cigarettes have other attractive features as well. At least, they have unique stuff, including nicotine (0.9 mg), tar (10 mg), and carbon monoxide (10 mg). These are power cigarettes for powerful people! The stuff with 0.1mg lesser content of tar and nicotine forms the Benson and Hedges Silver, a weaker but, however, a user-attractive version.

These cigarettes are menthol-based. Consumers, which have not tried these cigarettes yet, will surely like the strong and simultaneously breath-freshening tobacco. Improved mood and freshened breath, do they not form a perfect image if taken together?

What is else important for the successful product marketing? Of course, packaging style.

As we already know, there are different packages for the Gold and Silver variants of Benson and Hedges cigarettes.

Since 2010, Benson and Hedges are using the Edge pack. This is an innovated box design with half-rounded edges. Do not pass a new packaging trend!

If you are interested in the complete variety of Benson & Hedges, you will find an entire list in the UK:

  • Sovereign;
  • Gold Bond;
  • Virginia Red;
  • Virginia Blue;
  • Menthol-based Green.

Discover them for yourself and check, what variant shall be your personal choice.