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Brand West Cigarettes

West Cigarettes

West Cigarettes - realize one’s needs and expectations

West cigarettes are created in Eastern Europe being licensed and controlled by Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GMBH, which is the main player in European tobacco manufacturing field.

West cigarettes were launched in 1981 in tobacco market. Initially Winston cigarettes were costly and not so affordable for everyone. This was a very frustrating period for smokers.

Nowadays, when there is observed such a great competition the price of Winston cigarettes was changed to the joy of smokers and is quite reasonable now.

These affordable cigarettes are very famous all over the world but principally in their home land, and namely Germany. There are so many intriguing facts associated with the taste, the origin, and the phenomenon of this brand on the arena of tobacco industry.

West cigarettes are made for one definite goal to make people understand where they go and with what purpose. Smoking West cigarettes will help realize one’s needs and expectations.

This brand is characterized by an elegant pack style. It is not bright or exclamatory. It is simply elegant in its unique style of box and cigarettes packed.

These cheap cigarettes offer numerous varieties every of which renders its strength, special taste and package outlook. The first-class quality of West cigarettes is achieved by premium tobacco combined in the blend. This blend gives the very idea of the brand’s essence.

West cigarettes are the cigarettes which are oriented on strength. There are few hidden notes discovered in the process of smoking.

During the last thirty years, West cigarettes invested huge sums in various Formula One teams. Its promotion in the sport-grounds contributed to a remarkable effect on selling ratings.

Many smokers come to common conclusion that West Ultra cigarettes are one of the most required super light cigarettes in the market. It's light in nature, but it also performs a quite spicy taste; you can still dive in it after you stop smoking the preferred cigarette.

The West Fusion line has attracted many smokers quite recently thanks to its mysterious design and to the ideal combination between a good filter installation and a necessary good volume of tar.

If you still are hesitant concerning the matter what variety to choose, we strongly advise you to start your smoking experience with lighter versions. Check the most available varieties of West cigarettes:

West Ultra

West Lights

West Medium

West Compact Silver

West Compact Red

West Fusion Silver

West Fusion Black