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Brand R1 Cigarettes

R1 Cigarettes

R1 cigarettes - an open preference that was shaped throughout the years

We light up. Be that as it may, there comes a period when we need to smoke something new and something light. Indeed, even overwhelming smokers, genuine masters of smoking, need to feel like newcomers and smoke light cigarettes, as though there have never been different brands that have just been tasted.

As training appears, R1 is still purchased more by ladies. Likely, it's additionally on the grounds that it's for the most part thin cigarettes. Men frequently favor results of standard size.

In spite of the fact that is just an open preference that was shaped throughout the years. Be that as it may, every individual must choose for himself what is more worried about him: his own pleasure or the suppositions of untouchables.

R1 cigarettes are delivered by the British organization Imperial Tobacco Group, which is positioned in the fourth place among the world's biggest makers of tobacco items.